Published On: Tue, Jan 19th, 2016

Samsung begins mass producing world’s fastest 4GB HBM DRAM

Seoul, Jan 19, Cellit News Bureau- Samsung Electronics said on Tuesday that it has begun mass-producing the world’s fastest 4-gigabyte high bandwidth memory (HBM) dynamic random access memory (DRAM) chip, more than seven times faster than the previous fastest DRAM.

samsung_logo_1The 4GB DRAM package is based on the second-generation HBM (HBM2) interface, which can transmit data at a speed more than seven times the current DRAM performance limit, Xinhua reported.

The new DRAM solution will allow faster responsiveness for high performance computing, advanced graphics and network systems as well as enterprise servers, the company said in a statement.

The 4GB HBM2 package uses the Through Silicon Via (TSV) technology, which vertically interconnects a buffer die at the bottom and four 8-gigabit (Gb) core dies on top through thousands of TSV holes.

It offers an improvement in data transmission speed compared with the typical wire-bonding package technology.

The new memory chip, which uses the 20-nanometre process technology, satisfies the need for high performance, energy efficiency and reliability, the company said.

Samsung said that it plans to produce an 8GB HBM2 DRAM package within this year to specify it in graphics card, vowing to expand its line-up of HBM2 DRAM solutions.

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